Tattoo Hug

$70.00 AUD
  • Tattoo Hug

I get so many lovely emails asking if you can get my drawings that I post on Instagram tattooed. This is a listing to do exactly that.

This Tattoo Hug gives you permission to get one of my drawings tattooed on your body by your chosen tattoo artist. Nothing tangible is posted to you. It's just you saying 'Hey I love your work. I would like to get it tattooed by a tattoo artist'.

Please purchase one Tattoo Hug for each drawing you get tattooed. If you would like to get two of my drawings tattooed the answer is 'Yes, please purchase two Tattoo Hugs'.

This is purely a $70 AUD transaction. I do not send you anything in return. If you would like to talk about a custom design please email me at [email protected] (custom designs are charged at a higher rate).

I would love to receive an email with a photograph of your tattoo or tag me on social media.

Thank you.